Make-up - Confidence in a pot

It seems strange that fashions change in make-up but they do.

Although everyone knows that the white lipstick and black eyeliner of the Sixties is no longer fashionable, many people stay in their old habits.

As your face changes, and as your skin changes you need different make up to enhance your best features.

Part of my treatment is to ensure that your skin gets lots of TLC, which can help to make you look brighter and more attractive.

Make up, when applied correctly for your skin tone and your personality, really can make all the difference - the one thing which can really boost your confidence. You feel more confident and at ease in every situation, and life gets simpler as you have a few makeup items that you can use time and again to create the desired effect.

I  trained as a make up technician with Mary Kay cosmetics. Over the years I have tried and tested many different brands and have come to recognise that, as in most aspects of life, one size does not fit all!

I show you how to apply the make-up that is right for your colour and skin type. Best of all you will have the make up that helps you to put your whole look together and walk out into the world relaxed and confident.