You don't have to shop until you drop. It can be a wonderful experience!

Once you know your ideal colours and have a good idea of which styles best suit your figure and personality you can go off to the shops!

For some people this can feel very daunting. My approach is to help you find perfect items for your wardrobe which you can wear again and again but always in ways that look fresh and new. Until you have seen for yourself how this works, it can be difficult to feel confident about each purchase.

Some of my clients have spent a lifetime in the wrong colours so old habits return and once on their own they reach for what feels a safe choice. It is no surprise on the TV makeover programmes that the participants initially go out and buy all the types of things they have been wearing for years.

I know where to shop, and will help you find the right clothes. Most of all I will be aware of your budget and we will genuinely only buy items that will be excellent value for money and make you feel fantastic.

When you come back you can amaze your friends!


Fee: 45 per hour