Speech and Presentation


It sounds like a cliché but presentation is everything.

Giving presentations and speaking in public has been rated as the most frightening experience and is dreaded by most people almost more than dying!

The problem is that if you are nervous when giving a presentation, you dramatically reduce your ability to be effective.

My background as a performer in the entertainment industry means that I understand about the experience of being in the spotlight. I can provide you with the tools to enable you to be more confident in front of a room full of people.

How you walk, your hand movements, speech and eye contact all reveal how you feel to your audience.

With my expertise in this field we will learn how to gain confidence, to appear natural and relaxed, and to use your breathing to make yourself heard in the back of the room effortlessly.

To give a presentation that feels enjoyable for you and has a powerful impact on your audience don't hesitate to contact me. 

For over 40 minutes of useful tips and advice in an "On the Sofa" interview with Susie Heath, visit the online shop.

Excerpts here:   1. Breathing tips  2. Vocal Problems


Fees: £45 per hour