More and more people have the opportunity to be the gender they really identify with. But to feel fully comfortable in your new gender it is important that you look natural - and stunning.

There are now many role models to feel inspired by.

However, in my experience there is still a lack of confidence about what colours and styles to wear, how to move, how to breathe and talk which is where I can help.

 As a professional singer I have worked on many stages in many theatres over the years with people from all backgrounds. I have met a wonderfully diverse range of society and have a particular affinity with the gay and TG community. I know from experience that my advice in colour style and image can make a real difference, and that having this support from a woman has double the impact.

Fees vary depending on the level of support required but can be as little as £45 for a make-up training session.

I really look forward to hearing from you to start on the road to discovering your full potential.

I am a member of The Beaumont Society