It's not what you are that counts. It's who they think you are.

Andy Warhol

Of course who you are IS important but, like it or not, most people will make a snap judgement about you before you have time to convince them otherwise.

Do you find it difficult to know what to wear for an important occasion?

Whether it is for the board meeting, or going out on a date it can be difficult to strike the right balance between looking professional and relaxed. Men’s fashions have moved on so quickly in the last few years, it can be bewildering trying to keep up.

Even if your fashion tastes have not changed, you will find that other people have. If you want to make a good impression it is vital to know what to wear.

I can help you find the colours that suit you and make you look and feel good. Some of those crazy ties may even be perfect for you! It all depends on the colour.

Then we can look at Style and Image. We find shapes and styles to suit your life and your body shape. This applies whether you are looking for clothes for more social occasions or to improve your image so you look confident at work.

After our session you will find that other people treat you differently, and you can forget about your clothes and get on with creating your best life.

We meet in High Wycombe, Bucks or in other designated areas, so call me now to begin improving your image.