My business is not to remake myself but to make the best of what God made

Robert Browning


 As a professional singer on the concert platform for over 20 years, I know only too well the importance of creating the right impression. Having also trained as an independant Image Consultant I can help you to look and feel great using the tools of both trades to enable you to boost your confidence and realise your full potential.

When you wear the right colours and the styles that suit your body shape and your personality, you can become genuinely comfortable in every situation.

My approach is relaxed and practical, and I want you to develop the instincts that will keep you looking great at all times. You can have a better wardrobe with less effort and put together pieces that work together with impact.

Your image is also about whether you move and speak with confidence. As a trained professional singer I know from experience about being in the spotlight, and have techniques to help you relax when all eyes are on you. Speaking up in a meeting, or entering a room full of strangers will become much more enjoyable.

If you would like a boost in confidence about your image I would be delighted to hear from you.